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Why the Safety Sleeper® 400 Model is the Best Medical Bed for Children

Why the Safety Sleeper® 400 Model is the Best Medical Bed for Children

When it comes to finding the right medical bed for your child with special needs, you don’t want to skimp. Your child deserves the best. 

But finding the right bed is a challenge. With options like the Cubby Bed, the Posey Bed, and the Pedicraft Bed on the market, it’s hard to understand the pros and cons of each one. 

Fortunately, we have the solution: The Safety Sleeper® 400 Model is the best medical bed for children. With its color design, durable fabric, and medical features, the 400 model ensures your child receives the comfort and care they deserve on a nightly basis! 

12 Reasons the Safety Sleeper® 400 Model is the Best Medical Bed for Children

Here are a few of the reasons The Safety Sleeper® is such a great choice for children in need of a medical bed:  

1. It’s machine washable and dryable.

The Safety Sleeper® is incredibly easy to care for. Whether you’re cleaning up food stains, urine, feces, or vomit, you can simply throw the enclosure into the washing machine to clean it up. 

2. The durable, medical-grade fabric is naturally fire retardant. 

The Safety Sleeper® was designed to withstand heavy use, so we’ve only used the most durable but comfortable fabric available. 

The Safety Sleeper® addresses fire safety by using fire retardant materials that meet the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and that have undergone smolder testing by an accredited third-party lab. 

In addition to being fire retardant, our fabric is also medical grade, meaning it meets the standards necessary for use in a modern healthcare system. 

3. The Safety Sleeper is FDA Registered and CE Marked.

The Safety Sleeper® has undergone rigorous testing as a medical device, and that has received approval from the FDA and CE (Conformité Européene, meaning it’s also approved for sale in the European Union). 

We’ve worked hard to meet these standards so you can be confident your loved one is safe all night long.

4. You can purchase The Safety Sleeper® with insurance. 

The Safety Sleeper® isn’t just a bed. It’s a medical device. 

Because of that, many parents offset the price by having insurance assist with the purchase. 

We’ve explained the insurance coverage process for The Safety Sleeper® in the past, but the basic process looks like this:

  1. Contact us. 
  2. Connect with a durable medical equipment provider (that we’ll introduce you to). 
  3. Get a prescription from your child’s doctor.
  4. Write a letter of medical necessity. 
  5. Connect with your insurance company. 

If insurance refuses to cover the costs, you can still use a service like Affirm, Tadpole Adaptive & The Mobility Funder or GoFundMe to reduce your overall investment. 

5. It’s mobile. 

The Safety Sleeper® was designed to meet your child’s medical needs and remain portable. 

We’ve built The Safety Sleeper® to bump around on planes, get thrown onto trains, and to rattle around in the trunk of your car. It’s built to last. 

At less than 50 pounds and with its own travel suitcase, The Safety Sleeper® is easy to move around—and it only takes a few minutes to set up and take apart! 

That means you can travel across the state to visit relatives or even enjoy a long vacation without worrying about how you’ll continue providing the same level of care to your child.

Plus, The Safety Sleeper® comes with an air mattress so your child can remain comfortable away from home. 

6. It’s easy to set up and take apart. 

We know you’re a busy parent, so we’ve made sure The Safety Sleeper® is as simple to put together as possible. 

In fact, The Safety Sleeper® doesn’t require any tools, so there’s no fumbling for a screwdriver or wondering where you put your hammer while assembling it. 

7. It’s compatible with most beds or bed frames. 

The Safety Sleeper® sits securely on top of existing bed frames, so it’s easy to transport from your house to a relative’s home to a hotel room. 

Some families even set up The Safety Sleeper® right on the bedroom floor! 

Wherever the best location is for your child, you’ll know you can deliver optimal medical care. 

8. It provides easy entry and access. 

In the 400 Model, you’ll have the option of completely unzipping one or two sides for two purposes:

  1. Unzipping a side wall makes the bed lift-compatible. 
  2. Unzipping one or two sides can make it easier for you or someone else to administer medical care. 

Of course, unzipping the sides can also give your child a little more freedom during playtime! 

9. The Safety Sleeper® is equipped with access points for medical tubing or wires.

If your child needs any sort of medical tubing or wires, like a feeding tube, oxygen hose, or an IV drip, The Safety Sleeper® provides a safe, secure access point to administer care. 

Since these medical wires are only delivered through a small hole, there’s less chance of them becoming tangled or lost inside bed sheets or blankets! 

10. The mattress is waterproof.

The 8-inch memory foam mattress is waterproof to withstand spills from water, urine, blood, or anything else that could spill on your child’s bed. 

11. The Safety Sleeper® is fully enclosed to provide security and prevent unattended wandering

The fully enclosed design prevents your child from rolling or falling out of the bed, which could cause severe injury. 

Plus, the design also prevents night wandering, a potentially dangerous behavior common among children with special needs. 

12. It’s affordable. 

The Safety Sleeper® 400 Model starts under $5,000. That’s significantly less than the Posey Bed ($10,000+), and it’s a major savings over the Pedicraft Bed ($5,000+) and the Cubby Bed ($5,000+). 

When you pair the price of The Safety Sleeper® with insurance coverage or assistance from programs like Affirm, Tadpole Adaptive & The Mobility Funder, or GoFundMe, paying for The Safety Sleeper® becomes even easier!  

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