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Give the Gift of The Safety Sleeper® This Holiday Season

A mom reading to her daughter, and the daughter is lying in The Safety Sleeper®. Both of them are smiling.

The holidays are approaching! And although we all look forward to celebrating with family and friends, there’s plenty to think about. Last-minute trips to the store for presents, cross-country flights to visit family, hours in the kitchen cooking up the perfect meal—there’s so much to do! While this time of year is busy for everyone, the holiday season can be especially challenging for children with special needs and their family members.

With the school break and time off from work, the holidays often mean:

  • Days away from the office and school, which means a break from the typical, predictable weekly schedule
  • Visiting family and friends, which means traveling from one location to another—often in the car or on a plane
  • Boisterous holiday parties, which can hold unique or unfamiliar stressors (like large groups, loud noises, and bright lights)

For a child with special needs, these can be incredibly difficult challenges to face.

But The Safety Sleeper® can help! As a travel-friendly and fully enclosed safety bed, The Safety Sleeper® is designed to encourage peaceful relaxation both at home and on the road, helping children with special needs decompress after a long, stressful day.

This holiday season, consider gifting The Safety Sleeper® to your loved one with special needs!

Why The Safety Sleeper® Is Such A Good Gift

Here are a few reasons why The Safety Sleeper® makes such an excellent holiday gift:

1. It’s a safe place during a stimulating time of year. 

For a child with special needs, the holidays can be incredibly over-stimulating. Between bright lights, loud songs, and large groups of people, there’s plenty that can be overwhelming.

But families who use The Safety Sleeper® often refer to it as their safe place, thanks to its enclosed design and soft, padded surroundings.

For a child with special needs, The Safety Sleeper® is the perfect place to decompress when the holidays feel overwhelming and overstimulating.

Give the gift of a calming, safe environment this holiday season, and grant yourself peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe!

2. Make holiday travel easier than ever!

If you’re traveling this holiday season, you already have enough stress. Whether you’re fighting the holiday traffic on the roads or pushing through crowds at the airport, holiday travel is stressful.

You don’t need additional stress at bedtime! But if you have a child with special needs, you know nighttime can lead to elopement and other dangerous, distracting behaviors, especially if you’re on the road during the holiday season.

Put your mind at ease while visiting family and friends by using The Safety Sleeper®, a convenient, fully enclosed safety bed designed for travel.

We know plenty of families who take their Safety Sleeper® on the road, frequently setting it up in hotel rooms or a family member’s guest room.

You and your loved one deserve a good night of sleep during the holidays. The Safety Sleeper® makes it possible!

3. Give peace of mind (by gifting The Safety Sleeper®). 

When it comes to caring for children, the gift of peace of mind is truly priceless.

And that’s especially true when caring for children with special needs. These kids are beautiful people, and they can light up a room with a simple laugh or smile. But they can have very specific requirements around bedtime.

Sleep issues among children with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, and other special needs are well-documented, and they can present multiple challenges to family members and even the child themselves. 

Poor sleep can lead to:

  • Behavioral challenges
  • Issues with therapy
  • Trouble at school
  • Nighttime elopement or injuries
  • Fatigue among parents and other family members

The Safety Sleeper® can overcome these challenges by providing a safe space that promotes healthy, restorative sleep—and give parents peace of mind that their child will be safe all night long!

As a bonus: The Safety Sleeper® can prevent those mishaps that would lead to trips to the emergency room—and the cost of one of our beds is often less expensive than a trip to the ER!

4. It’s a powerful family gift. 

There are plenty of reasons why The Safety Sleeper® is a great holiday gift for the entire family:

  • It’s a gift that keeps on giving. With The Safety Sleeper®, you’re gifting a good night of sleep to both a child with special needs and their entire family—for years to come!
  • If you give it as a group, you have the perfect excuse to come together and give the gift. That’s a great way to get the entire family together!
  • The Safety Sleeper® makes it easier for the family to travel and go on vacation, something that can be challenging for children with special needs.

Learn More About The Safety Sleeper® And Our Other Products

To learn more, check out our full line of fully enclosed safety beds. Each design provides a different level of care for your loved one to live the best life possible.

While The Safety Sleeper® can provide incredible benefits to children with special needs, we also offer a wide variety of special needs products that could be similarly beneficial this holiday season. That includes:

  • Our Waterproof Coverlet: Our waterproof coverlet safety sheet prevents dangerous entrapment by completely enclosing the mattress and bed frame, ensuring your child remains safe while maintaining a hygienic, easy-to-clean sleeping environment.
  • Our Fidget Folder: This is the world’s first completely customizable and completely transportable sensory tool, offering your child endless hours of sensory-rich activities.
If you have a question about our products, contact us. Happy Holidays!

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