The Safety Sleeper

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All our safety beds are Made in the USA, Portable, and FDA-Registered

Model Comparison

Features 200 Model of The Safety Sleeper

200 Model The Safety Sleeper®

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300 Model of The Safety Sleeper

300 Model The Safety Sleeper®

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400 Model of The Safety Sleeper

400 Model The Safety Sleeper®

Lift-Compatible Medical Bed Buy Now
2 zip-in Coverlet Safety Sheets
2 zip-in Waterproof Coverlet Safety Sheets
Set of 4 Frame Pads
2 Stabilizing Straps
Velcro Door Closures
8" Memory Foam Waterproof Mattress
Air Mattress for Travel
Medical Grade Fabric
Free Standing Aluminum Frame
Removeable Padded Enclosure
Wheeled Suitcase
Single Side Entry
End of Bed Entry with Removable Vinyl & Mesh Panels
Convertible Entry / Lift-Compatible
Access Points for Medical Tubing


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