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Our story began with Rose and Abram. After more than a decade in the business, we understand our families' stories are just as important to our company as our own. In these testimonials, learn more about the people who actually use The Safety Sleeper® every day. Don't just take it from us, this bed will change your life.


"A 'safe space' getaway area when our house gets a little too busy/loud."

The Safety Sleeper has been perfect! I love the extra thickness of the waterproof coverlet. We plan to purchase a few more - we wash/change the sheets everyday since he is a really heavy wetter. But the coverlet has given me peace of mind that we aren't ruining his matress 🙌 He absolutely loves his bed and uses it as a 'safe space' getaway area when our house gets a little too busy/loud for him. It's been the biggest blessing. So thankful he has a safe space to sleep. I'm trying to remember exactly where I first heard of the Abram's Nation Safety Sleeper. I honestly think another autism mom mentioned it. We had long outgrown his crib but we were stumped on what to do next. She used one for her son and raved about it. Likely a mom from the Finding Cooper's Voice supporter group on Facebook. Kate is an awesome advocate for autism and has created a wonderful community of support. I've had several parents in that group rave about theirs as well when I mentioned we were starting the process with insurance. Several had not heard of it yet, but seemed very interested since it is such a good solution for so many of our kids. Thank you guys for creating something so amazing. I truly mean that. It's given us such peace of mind at night. 
- Monique H.

"Eliminated even more headaches than I already was having as a single mom of 4!"

I am so thrilled and have continued to be about The Safety Sleeper I've had now for 3 years.

Last weekend I had to unexpectedly get a hotel room for 2 nights because an ice storm around my area knocked down power lines, leaving me with no power for 4 days. I had to get a hotel room for myself and 4 kids so I packed up The Safety Sleeper in it's handy suitcase and took it to the hotel with me.

It worked out perfectly for my special needs son who has down syndrome and autism. I cannot tell you how much it eliminated even more headaches than I already was having as a single mom of 4. Thank you so much!!!

- Claire S.

A young boy in his Safety Sleeper enclosed safety bed with two stuffed animals


We are so incredibly grateful for the loaner program that The Safety Sleeper® provides. This guy is super inquisitive but does not understand the dangers of anything. When we needed a repair on our bed I was so worried about sending it back because I wasn’t sure how any of us would sleep. It was such an easy process! The loaner arrived at our door, we put it on his bed, it was easy to package his bed to send back and nobody missed out on a night’s sleep. Thanks for giving all of us the gift of a good night’s sleep!

- Julie B. Y.


“After extensive Googling I finally found The Safety Sleeper®. I was literally so happy I almost cried.”

I was on the verge of building something out of wood so that my 4 year old daughter wouldn’t roll off her mattress or hurt herself in her room during the night. She is developmentally delayed, and not yet walking or talking due to having seizures early in her life. After extensive Googling I finally found The Safety Sleeper®. I was literally so happy I almost cried. You all have really thought of everything- the suitcase it comes in, the blow up mattress with pump, the padding on all the poles, the thickness of the mesh so she can’t bump against her bedroom walls. I will be raving about this to everyone I know and ANY special needs parent I meet. On top of being so highly functional, I know this could be her “forever bed” since a regular sized twin mattress fits inside. AND it’s CUTE! So many special needs devices look sad and depressing but with this I can crawl in with her to hang out and it has a fun, camping feel! Favorite thing I’ve bought in general, in a long time.

- Chelsea H.

Young girl in The Safety Sleeper enclosed bed for children and adults with special needs

We had to move across the country from New York to Colorado and if we did not have The Safety Sleeper bed I don’t know how we would’ve done it. Griffin would’ve torn up a hotel room for sure. Thank you for your amazing product, you have no idea you have changed lives!

Emily W.

Parent of a Safety Sleeper user

Thank you for all the help with Zhans bed!!
It’s awesome— he loves it!! And most importantly - he’s safe at night!!
Thanks again!

Missy O.

Parent of a Safety Sleeper user


Every one of our beds is designed
with your special needs in mind


I just put my daughter to sleep in her The Safety Sleeper® bed, and each time I do I’m grateful that we have it. When our daughter was 11 months old, she started having absence seizures that evolved quickly into a form of epilepsy called infantile spasms. The year that followed was difficult, and our primary concern was safety. Hazel was sensory seeking, always moving, and had no impulse control. Sleep was the only time we had any sense of relief. One day, she pulled herself up and out of her crib and crashed on the ground and proceeded to repeat this. We literally put up a tent in our bedroom and took turns falling asleep at the zipper door to keep her in and safe. This was the closest to a breaking point we had. We then found the Safety Sleeper. Your concern, responsiveness and outstanding product have literally changed our life. Hazel had brain surgery in 2014 which has so far contained her seizures. We have now been able to start traveling with the bed, and in 2015 went on a family trip to Disney World. Hazel has many challenges ahead, but she is happy, healthy, and learning. We are blessed for her health and for the support we’ve received to get thru this, including this bed. We advocate for this bed at every opportunity, and if we can help spread the word in any way, we will. Note: as an engineer, I am incredibly impressed with the design and its durability.


Our son Henry has Down syndrome and a condition similar to severe autism. Several years ago, before we had a The Safety Sleeper®, we woke up in the early morning and found that our gas stove’s burners were turned on and the back door was open. Hank was not in his bedroom. We found him outside playing safely under a tree. We searched the web and found The Safety Sleeper®. It has changed our lives by giving us peace of mind and allowing Hank, and us, to get a good night’s sleep.

– John H.


We got The Safety Sleeper® for our 16 month old son we adopted. He is a fetal alcohol baby. He was climbing out of the crib, on top of furniture, jumping and hurting himself. We messaged you all and you put us in touch with a company. It took 6 months but so worth it. He loves it . It looks like a tent not like the old self contained medical beds, this is less scary and more fun. We used a twin mattress for him in it. Then this was the first we traveled with it, thank you thank you for the suitcase. It made travel so easy and fun. He slept on the air mattress which was amazing even my husband loved it. I will say as he grows we will buy the next size up. I would recommend this to any parent with special needs children. It is easy to put together and easy to clean. Believe me he vomited and all we had to do is unzip and wash. Thank you Abrams you are amazing.

– Elizabeth E.


Last night was our first night attempting to sleep in The Safety Sleeper®… our little guy loves it! We were finally able to relax knowing that he wasn’t trying to escape his crib or chewing on the wood in his bed… and thanks to everyone who worked to get our bed covered by insurance – this is really a life saver – literally!!

- Jessica C.


“Last night was the very first night in 13 years we were all able to go to bed without fear of his safety.”

This is our Story! Thanks to family and friends contributing to a gofundme account, my son was able to get The Safety Sleeper®. Last night was the very first night in 13 years we were all able to go to bed without fear of his safety. To keep him from wandering, we were forced to use a baby gate and Dutch door so he couldn’t escape. The gate, we were forced to screw in the doorway about a week before we ordered The Safety Sleeper® because he had managed to get out. We will be taking both down and putting the original door back on. You wouldn’t think that would be such a big deal but I’m very excited about that in itself! Our joy was when he climbed back in bed this morning, asking me to zip it closed again. No more wondering, no more windows or walls busted in the middle of the night due to headbanging…this bed is such a relief to us!

– Diane U.

Young girl in The Safety Sleeper enclosed bed for children and adults with special needs

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