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We offer a number of standard customizations, but we also take requests! From flannel sheets to additional padding, we've got you covered to make The Safety Sleeper® as unique as your loved one. Inquire about customization by calling 724-96-SLEEP or email

30 DAY money-back guarantee

If you purchased The Safety Sleeper® and it is not the perfect solution for any reason, just send it back within 30 days and we'll give you a refund.


Interested in trying out The Safety Sleeper® before making a purchase? In need of an extra bed for your vacation? Give us a call and we'll get you set up with a weekly rental.

safety at home
or on the go

Whether you're heading to a doctor's appointment far away, or visiting grandma down the road for the weekend, bring The Safety Sleeper® with you anywhere.

We bring better sleep to your home.

No more evening wandering. No more sleepless nights.

Protect your loved one with special needs from the dangers of eloping. We understand this terror. Our founder, Rose, designed this bed for her son Abram. He is on the autism spectrum, and like many children with ASD he often wandered off without fear of danger. There are a number of diagnoses that may mean children or adults are likely to wander or bolt, and leave their caregivers worried about trauma, injury, and in the most serious of cases, death. Protect your loved one and ensure they are safe through the night. Our enclosed bed zips and secures from the outside. We use medical grade fabric, hand-crafted aluminum framing, and incredibly durable YKK zippers. Every inch of The Safety Sleeper® is crafted for individuals with special needs in mind.

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