The Safety Sleeper


How to assemble &
care for The Safety Sleeper®


Machine wash on delicate cycle with non-agitator machines. All zippers must be CLOSED before and during washing.
Tumble dry low heat only, or line dry.

Do not:
Use fabric softener or bleach, these will damage your fabric
Iron on any setting
Dry clean

DISCLAIMER: For proper use, care and assembly, read and follow all instructions.
This bed is not intended for use as a toy, play equipment, or as a disciplinary device.

Watch our assembly and disassembly videos, learn how to change your coverlet sheets, or refer to our User Manual.


In this video, learn how to assemble your bed in under 30 minutes (experts can build in under 5 minutes!) You can do it alone, but an extra hand makes inserting or removing the mattress easier. If you ever have any questions, our customer care team is here to help. Contact us by calling 724-96-SLEEP or by emailing The Safety Sleeper® is manufactured in the United States and distributed globally by Abram's Nation, LLC.


If you thought assembly was easy, then disassembly will be a breeze! In this video, watch and learn as Rose takes apart The Safety Sleeper®. Your first step is to remove your mattress. As always, our customer care team is here to help if you have any questions. Reach us by email at or by calling 724-96-SLEEP


Two coverlet safety sheets are included with The Safety Sleeper®. Coverlet sheets are a safety feature that eliminate entrapment areas by creating a fully enclosed space around the mattress. In this video, learn how coverlet sheets zip on and off.

ASSEMBLY Testimonial

I just put my daughter to sleep in her Safety Sleeper bed, and each time I do I’m grateful that we have it. When our daughter was 11 months old, she started having absence seizures that evolved quickly into a form of epilepsy called infantile spasms. The year that followed was difficult, and our primary concern was safety. Hazel was sensory seeking, always moving, and had no impulse control. Sleep was the only time we had any sense of relief.

One day, she pulled herself up and out of her crib and crashed on the ground and proceeded to repeat this. We literally put up a tent in our bedroom and took turns falling asleep at the zipper door to keep her in and safe. This was the closest to a breaking point we had. We then found the Safety Sleeper. Your concern, responsiveness and outstanding product have literally changed our life.

Hazel had brain surgery in 2014 which has so far contained her seizures. We have now been able to start traveling with the bed, and in 2015 went on a family trip to Disney World. Hazel has many challenges ahead, but she is happy, healthy, and learning.

We are blessed for her health and for the support we’ve received to get thru this, including this bed. We advocate for this bed at every opportunity, and if we can help spread the word in any way, we will.

Note: as an engineer, I am incredibly impressed with the design and its durability.

Jon S.
Proud Parent of Hazel


The Safety Sleeper® arrives in a standard-sized suitcase for travel. We are proud to offer the only medical bed for special needs that is FDA-registered and suited for regular travel as it fully deconstructs without tools or trained professionals. Weighing approximately 50 pounds with the included air mattress and suitcase, The Safety Sleeper goes anywhere and everywhere that you do.


Worried about durability? Watch as a former NFL football player tries (and fails) to take down the Safety Sleeper! We take pride in the quality of the materials we use. Our flame-retardant fabric enclosure holds over 300 pounds per square inch and can comfortably fit toddlers, children, teens, and adults. The Safety Sleeper® is made of high quality, medical-grade fabrics and light-weight aluminum.