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The Ultimate Guide to Special Needs Beds

If you have a loved one with special needs, you know exactly how important sleep is. High-quality sleep is critical for both our physical and mental health, and it can even influence behavior throughout the day. That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate guide to fully enclosed special needs beds.


What is a DME Supplier?

When we talk about insurance for special needs beds, we also talk about “DME Suppliers.” DME suppliers play a critical role in sourcing and distributing special needs beds around the country. But what is a DME Supplier? And how does their role impact product distribution, especially when it comes to products like special needs safety beds?


The Dangers of Night Wandering And How to Prevent It

Night wandering, also referred to as eloping, is quite common among children with special needs—especially those with autism spectrum disorder. Elopement is a stressful ordeal. Under the worst circumstances, your child could run away without any supervision, meaning they could slip into traffic...


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