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Special Needs Bed 200 Model

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Our 200 Model of The Safety Sleeper® is a special needs bed that includes one-sided entry and standard safety features.

What's Included
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Made in the USA

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Machine washable & dryable

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Fire retardant, medical grade fabric

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Easy assembly, no tools required

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Less than 50 pounds *Excluding Queen size

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The most versatile bed on the market, for home & away

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Safety lab tested & certified

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FDA Registered & CE Marked

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Compatible with most beds or bed frames

Size: Twin | See All Specs US & Canada Sizes See International Version
Color: Shimmering Sand
Price with selected options: $5,729.29 $4,010.50
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 1 Year Warranty

Insurance Coverage for The Safety Sleeper®


The Safety Sleeper® is designed with love and care for children and adults. The design offers a secure sleeping place and prevents users from wandering at night.

Built with high-quality, durable materials and easily portable in a suitcase, this customizable special needs safety bed is designed to fit the needs of each individual. Options include soft frame pads to protect users from the metal frame, pockets for item storage inside, various entry options, and access points for items such as monitor wires and feeding tubes. The entire enclosure is machine washable to keep you clean and cool.

Special Needs Bed Benefits:

  • One-sided entry and all standard safety features
  • Custom built to fit the needs of every user
  • Portable for travel so users can feel at home in any location
  • Has a variety of safety features so the family can rest easy
  • Built from durable materials and enhanced joints to stand up against heavy use and play
  • Fully enclosed special needs beds for toddlers, children and adults who need extra safety at night or to prevent unattended wandering

What's Included in Your 200 Model

The Safety Sleeper®, a special needs safety bed for toddlers, children, and adults, has safety incorporated into every aspect of the product, even the branding; it is an FDA registered medical device specifically designed to keep your loved one safe at night.

Safety Features:

  • 2 Zipped-In Coverlet Sheets
  • Frame Pads
  • Stabilizing Straps
  • Reflective Zipper Tabs
  • Medical Grade Fabrics

Home & Travel Features:

  • 8" Gel Memory Foam Waterproof Mattress for Home Use
  • Air Mattress for Travel
  • Suitcase

Product Benefits Include:

  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • Compatible with most beds or bed frames
  • Choice of six colors: Shimmering Sand, Heather Grey, Navy Blue, Sail Blue, Hot Pink, Royal Purple

    Technical Specifications

    Twin - 37" x 74.5" x 44"

    • Standard Mattress Height: 8"
    • Frame Height 44"
    • Frame Width 41.5"
    • Frame Length 74.5"
    • Headroom 36”
    • Packaged weight: Under 50 lbs.


    Twin XL - 37" x 79.5" x 44"

    • Standard Mattress Height: 8"
    • Frame Height 44"
    • Frame Width 41.5"
    • Frame Length 79.5"
    • Headroom 36”
    • Packaged weight: Under 50 lbs.


    Full - 52" x 74.5" x 44"

    • Standard Mattress Height: 8"
    • Frame Height 44"
    • Frame Width 56.5"
    • Frame Length 74.5"
    • Headroom 36”
    • Packaged weight: Under 50 lbs.


    Queen - 58" x 80" x 44"

    • Standard Mattress Height: 8"
    • Frame Height 44"
    • Frame Width 62.5"
    • Frame Length 79.5"
    • Headroom 36”
    • Packaged weight: Under 55 lbs.


    The Safety Sleeper® includes a 100% satisfaction 30-day money-back guarantee. It also comes with a one year limited warranty.

    To activate your warranty, register with us. Click this link to activate your warranty Warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of The Safety Sleeper® and not transferable.

    DMEs and wholesale distributors: click here to visit our professionals page for warranty information.

    The travel suitcase, air mattress, and memory foam waterproof mattress are not manufactured by Abram’s Nation and are not covered under this limited warranty.

    Warranty covers failures due to manufacturing defects which occur during normal use. It does not cover damage which results from misuse, abuse, mishandling, alteration, or improper assembly. Warranty is good for one (1) year from the date of shipment. We will provide the material, labor, and shipping to repair any flaws due to manufacturer defect.

    There are no other express oral or written warranties with respect to this product, and all warranties implied by law, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to their duration to the one (1) year warranty period.  

    Upon receipt of the product, open and inspect The Safety Sleeper® to assure no damage occurred during transit. Any damage not identified and reported within 24 hours of receipt may not be covered under the warranty.

    For damage that's not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, we are happy to make repairs. The cost for materials, labor and shipping will be the customer’s responsibility and assessed on a per-incident basis.

    NO JUMPING OR CLIMBING! These actions may result in physical harm to your child and/or damage your Safety Sleeper. Jumping and climbing will void the warranty.

    Contact Us

    Abram’s Nation, LLC | 4726 Highpoint Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044 

    +1-724-967-5337 |

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    Debbie M.
    United States
    I recommend this product
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    I can finally sleep in peace!

    This bed is fantastic! My little guy has only slept through the night a handful of times in his 3 and a half years of life. He also has an autism diagnosis with a speech delay, so when I could get him to sleep in his own bed, I would wake up frequently in a panic, afraid that he may have woken up and start wandering around the house. The kid is like a ninja when moving around the house, and does not answer when called out to, so it was easier to just let him sleep with me so that I knew he was safe. He liked the Safety Sleeper immediately! I had some hesitations about the enclosure piece, thinking he might feel trapped, but that has yet to happen. He will usually wake up, realize he is zipped in, and just lay back down with no fuss. He knows that if he needs me, he just has to call out and I'll be there in no time. It's incredibly comfortable, and is easy for me to lay down with him to help him go to sleep. There have been a few nights that I ended staying in there with him all night just because we were so comfy. On the nights when he is in there all night on his own, which is frequently now, I don't wake up every half hour or so to check the monitor and make sure he's OK. I know he is secure, and I can fall into a deep sleep. I've not slept like this since he was born! We are planning some trips this summer, and I feel so much better knowing that we can take the Safety Sleeper with us. My only regret is not getting the extra entry point on the other side of the bed. We ordered the SS before we had finished moving bedrooms around to get all of the kids in their own rooms, and didn't know exactly how his bed would be set up. If we had known, we would have gotten the additional entry point on the other side so that we could set his bed up in any direction without covering up the vinyl panel that we added. We have been recommending the bed to friends, and my son's therpaists have been taking down the website to share with other clients. We are very thankful for the Safety Sleeper!

    Glendon M.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    • I consent to sharing my photos Yes

    This bed has been a life saver

    My son has autism and pica. This bed has saved mine and my wove sleep and also keeps my son safe!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Safety Sleeper

    I purchased this safety bed for my granddaughter who has Angelman’s and it’s a perfect option for sleep overs. She always feels safe and I’m comforted knowing she’s not at risk!

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Life Changing for our Family

    We have a child with down syndrome that is an escape artist. My child is very quiet when sneaking out of bed, then out of the house. My child has figured out how to open windows, locked doors, gates, etc... it was extremely stressful to go to bed at night thinking everyone is safe then to be woken up by the sound of the screen door slamming as the child is going outside for a middle of the night adventure. We started the long and complicated process of acquiring this wonderful bed through insurance. We waited many stressful months to find out that we had been denied. Abrams Nation was as helpful as they could be and have many tools to try to help every person that needs this bed. We couldn't wait another 3-6 months for insurance to deny us again, so we took the plunge and bough the bed with our own money. It is the most expensive thing in our home, including our vehicles! Even though it was a large investment, it has brought us peace of mind, sleep, and we are able to wake up refreshed for a new day of loving and teaching our child. While this bed is amazing and we are so happy that we were able to make it work into our finances... I do have a few comments to make. First some really awesome things that we love. - Shipping was extremely fast, we expected to wait at least a month and the bed was on our front porch in two weeks. - The Style and color work really well for all ages. For kids its like a tent adventure and for adults it gives calm and safe vibes. - Travel can be a part of our lives again. It is pretty amazing that this bed completely packs into a suit case and the travel mattress is very comfortable and thankfully washable (wipe down) Things that could use improvement. - the medical mattress is very difficult to clean and smells tend to stick around even after and deep clean-- this has me really wondering if it is truly water proof. (ours also had a tear on the side when we received it.) - the cost is really just ridiculous. I understand that this is considered a medical device so the cost is driven up by the corruption of insurance companies, but if we don't push for a change, it's never going to happen. I am happy to support this business and everything they do for the disabled community but it is so unattainable to so many families that could really really use it. We had a clear medical and safety need for this and we were still denied insurance coverage. I understand that so much of this is out of the control of the company and I know that there are organizations that give donations to help purchase these things but it is just another hoop and sometimes a challenge to put on an already exhausted, exasperated, and sometimes hopeless parent. Changes don't always happen in a big way, sometimes they start by speaking up in a review of a bed. Overall though, we are very happy to have this bed and to able to sleep. I wish that every family that struggles with safety and sleep could have one.

    renetta s.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Safety Sleeper

    I love it. Very well built.

    Jason L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Life Changer!

    Incredible. The Safety Sleeper has given my family a lot more rest. Prior to buying the bed, my son would get up multiple times throughout the night, which meant either myself or my wife had to get up as well. With the Safety Sleeper, if he wakes up, he cannot get out of the bed and tends to lay back down and go to sleep. He is well rested, and now so are we!

    Chelsea H.

    "I'm still amazed and in disbelief"

    I’m STILL amazed and in disbelief of how easily she now falls asleep by herself in her SAFETY SLEEPER!! It took her a few months but now bed time is so easy! We used to have to rock her and fight for hours, but now she lays on her tablet or another toy, plays for a while, and goes to sleep. It’s the small things! ���


    Zzzz... in about five minutes time

    I really dont know how I have survived this long without The Safety Sleeper™ . I have probably slept more in the last week than I usually do in a month. The peace of mind knowing Joey cant get hurt or into anything dangerous is such a wonderful feeling! Joey took right to The Safety Sleeper™. When I got the bed together we put him in just to see his reaction……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. in about five minutes time. Joey has slept soundly ever since he received this wonderful gift. I call it a gift because Joey’s Safety Sleeper™ was purchased through a great charity in Louisville, KY, called Kosairs Charities. Without the generosity of these great people, Joey would never have gotten his Safety Sleeper™. Thanks a million, Rose and The Safety Sleeper™, maybe I can get some dreaming in to see if dreams really do come true, lol. Thank you!