The Safety Sleeper

Letters of Medical Necessity

When applying for insurance coverage, providing a Letter of Medical Necessity substantially increases your chances of approval. Use our example letters to guide your own letter of medical necessity. Download these PDFs based on your model and exact medical needs.

View 200 Model Letter of Medical Necessity - The Safety Sleeper® Standard Model

View 300 Model Letter of Medical Necessity - The Safety Sleeper® with Access Points and Dual Entry Points

View 400 Model Letter of Medical Necessity - The Safety Sleeper® with Full Convertible Access for Lifts


Issues to Address in the Letter of Medical Necessity

  1. Why you medically need this bed. Necessity and reasonable need based on a medical condition is essential.
  2. Why The Safety Sleeper® is not a convenience item.
  3. Most cost effective option for medical need and least costly alternative.
  4. Sleep/safety concerns not documented in the medical record
  5. Documentation that less restrictive options were ruled out.
  6. Include photos of things that have been tried and failed.


The Safety Sleeper® is Medically Necessary Because...

• The Safety Sleeper is the least expensive enclosed bed for children and adults with special needs.
• Users often do not have cognitive ability to assess safety.
• Users suffer from night wandering and elopement.
• It exceeds all 7 guidelines for entrapment.
• It includes padding for head banging and seizure disorders.
• Placing a mattress on the floor fails to prevent injury.
• Designed for children with irrepressible tendencies and developmental delays.