The Safety Sleeper

Getting Started

Are you interested in exploring the insurance process? We have a dedicated team that specializes in insurance coverage. They can walk you through the process and see if it's something you'd like to pursue.

The insurance process can take between 1-3 months, so ensure you have the option of waiting for your bed. Even with our best efforts we cannot speed this important process. However, we can provide you with the tools to best approach the often confusing insurance world.

Begin by filling out the form below. It helps us get to know you and your situation a little bit better. Will you need access points for medical tubing? What diagnosis are you dealing with? What size bed will you need? Filling out the following form helps us better help you.

After you complete the above form, learn more about the insurance process and how to obtain coverage on our Insurance Page. Learn about writing your letter of medical necessity, resources available for special need families, taking on your state's insurance, and much more!