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Safety Bed for Angelman Syndrome: The Safety Sleeper®

Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurogenetic disorder that can cause intellectual disabilities, mobility challenges, seizures, sleep issues, and a wide range of additional symptoms. With the right level of care, however, kids with Angelman Syndrome can live long, happy lives in the comfort of their own homes.

One way you can make your child especially comfortable: The Safety Sleeper®, a safety bed that was specifically designed for kids who need a little extra protection and comfort at nighttime.

Why The Safety Sleeper® Is A Must-Have for Children With Angelman Syndrome

Protection During Seizures

Seizures are common among children with Angelman Syndrome, and the fully enclosed, padded environment of The Safety Sleeper® keeps your child from rolling out of bed or hurting their extremities.

Greater Comfort

The Safety Sleeper® isn’t just a cozy bed. It’s a safe, secure environment that helps children feel sheltered from the dangers and distractions of the outside world. Some of our kids even call it their “safe place!”

Longer Sleep Periods

The soft, enclosed design of The Safety Sleeper® promotes healthy sleep. When combined with additional sleep aids, The Safety Sleeper® can help your child fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Built With Your Needs In Mind

In addition to providing maximum comfort and durability, The Safety Sleeper® has an interior pouch to store your child’s favorite tablet, book, or stuffed animal, a vinyl viewport ideal for a video monitor, and more!

About Angelman Syndrome

Angelman Syndrome is an incredibly rare disorder impacting about one in every 15,000 people, meaning there are approximately 22,000 individuals in the US with Angelman Syndrome and about 500,000 worldwide.

Because Angelman Syndrome creates psychological, behavioral, and physical symptoms, individuals with Angelman Syndrome generally require significant levels of support from family members. They often have short attention spans, intellectual disabilities, hyperactivity, digestive issues, motor impairments, trouble communicating, and many other challenges.

Fortunately, researchers believe we may be close to discovering a cure. Scientists have determined the root cause of Angelman Syndrome, and they’ve even reversed Angelman Syndrome in research mice.

Despite the challenges presented by Angelman Syndrome, many people with AS live long, happy lives when supported by their family, friends, doctors, and caregivers!


People with Angelman syndrome often smile and laugh frequently, and have happy, excitable personalities.

Common Features of Angelman Syndrome

  • Delayed development
  • Problems with speech and balance
  • Intellectual disability
  • Sometimes seizures

You may feel overwhelmed at contacting your insurance about your Safety Sleeper®, but we’re here for you every step of the way.

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What can you do to protect your child?

Fully Enclosed Beds


200 Model

The Safety Sleeper®

Special Needs Bed

The Safety Sleeper® 200 Model is a special needs safety bed perfect for individuals with Angelman Syndrome who require one-sided entry and our standard safety features, which have been refined over years of tests and feedback.

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300 Model

The Safety Sleeper®

Canopy Bed

The 300 Model is a safety bed with upgraded medical features for individuals with Angelman Syndrome, including a left-side entry, end-of-bed entry, access points for medical tubing, and all of our standard safety features.

Learn More

400 Model

The Safety Sleeper®

Lift-Compatible Medical Bed

Our 400 Model medical enclosed bed offers even more options for individuals with Angelman Syndrome. This bed can be opened from either side or zipped all the way around to accommodate a medical lift—and it has all of our safety features.

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Angelman Syndrome Foundation

The Foundation provides education, information, and resources surrounding Angelman Syndrome for families and the larger community.

Learn More

Angelman Syndrome News

Angelman Syndrome News compiles the latest news, research, resources, and stories for Angelman Syndrome parents.

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State Resources

Many states offer local and statewide resources for families with medical assistance.

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Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST)

FAST is committed to assisting individuals living with Angelman syndrome to realize their full potential and quality of life.

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