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Why Does The Safety Sleeper® Cost So Much?

The Safety Sleeper® with its mesh door peeled back to reveal a cozy mattress inside with pillows and a blanket.

Every month, we field a variety of questions from parents about The Safety Sleeper®. While many parents ask about our safety features or the materials we use, we occasionally hear parents ask, Why does the Safety Sleeper® cost so much? 

We get it: The Safety Sleeper® is more expensive than your average children’s bed—but for good reason! There are a variety of factors that influence the price of The Safety Sleeper®, and although there are multiple ways to buy a special needs bed, many of the factors that influence pricing are outside of our control.

To help illustrate, consider the last time you went to the grocery store. If you’ve been there in the last few months, you probably noticed the price of everything has increased with inflation.

Take a simple gallon of milk as an example. There are numerous factors that go into pricing a gallon of milk outside of the grocery store’s control, including the cost of:

  • The farm equipment used to support the cows and draw milk
  • The labor of the dairy farm workers and the drivers who transport the milk
  • The fuel to transport the milk and the feed for the cows
  • Energy to keep the milk at a stable temperature
  • Plastic jugs to store the milk and labels to cover the jugs

All of these expenses add up, and they’re eventually passed onto the consumer!

The Safety Sleeper® is similarly impacted by a variety of rippling factors. Although the Safety Sleeper® looks like a mattress inside of an enclosed structure, there are many nuances involved!

Factors That Influence the Cost of The Safety Sleeper®

Here are the biggest factors that influence the price of The Safety Sleeper®:

1. The Safety Sleeper® is made in the USA. We’re proud of being an American-owned and operated company because that means we're keeping more jobs right here in the US. In fact, 98% of our supplies and materials are sourced right here within our own country!

But relying on US-made materials also means potentially greater expenses for labor, taxes, and other factors that can increase production costs over time.

2. We believe in paying our employees a living wage. We’re just as passionate about caring for our employees as we are about taking care of the children and families who depend on The Safety Sleeper® each and every night.

Truly caring for our employees starts with paying them a respectable living wage so they can properly care for their own families.

In some cases, our employees have their own children with special medical needs, and a fair wage is especially important in ensuring they can afford the medical equipment and treatment necessary for their kids!

3. Shipping costs have increased. Although we don’t always think about it, about 70% of consumer goods, products, and materials are shipped throughout the United States by truck. As gas prices increase, so does the cost of shipping raw materials and The Safety Sleeper® around the country.

It’s just like our milk example from before: Every time a product is moved or exchanges hands, its costs increase!

4. We use durable, medical-grade fabrics. We’ve spent years developing the perfect blend of comfort, safety, durability, and washability for the fabrics we use within The Safety Sleeper®. Our fabrics are machine-washable and can withstand years of use. As a result, The Safety Sleeper® is even fire-retardant.

5. The Safety Sleeper® is FDA registered. We’ve worked hard to ensure The Safety Sleeper® is FDA registered, and we have to continuously ensure our beds are safe and effective while meeting federal quality standards.

Compromising on the quality of materials, design, or construction could risk losing our FDA designation, and that’s not something we’re willing to let go of! We believe it’s important that families understand The Safety Sleeper® is a medical device designed to improve sleep and safety.

However, in addition to meeting stringent requirements for FDA approval, we also have to cover ever-rising annual FDA registration fees, which often come with their own hefty price tags.

Because the Safety Sleeper is an FDA-registered medical device, it can be covered by insurance. Read our article on special needs beds covered by insurance to learn more!

6. You’re getting peace of mind—and a better night of sleep! The Safety Sleeper® has been refined over years and years of testing and prototyping. The very first version of The Safety Sleeper® was made out of spare parts found around the house, and we’ve continuously improved its design to enhance comfort and improve safety.

Ultimately, we compromise on nothing. The Safety Sleeper®:

  • Keeps children safely in bed.
  • Supports sleep.
  • Helps you and the rest of your family sleep better.
  • Is portable so it can be used while you’re traveling.
The Safety Sleeper® is ultimately more than a bed. It’s peace of mind that your child is safe.


7. You receive more than a bed frame. Every purchase of The Safety Sleeper® comes with:

  • An 8-inch foam mattress
  • An air mattress for travel
  • A travel suitcase for storing the bed frame and air mattress
  • Two coverlet safety sheets
  • Two stabilizing straps

Together, this entire package is designed to support your family’s lifestyle!

Find Assistance Paying for The Safety Sleeper®

If you need help affording The Safety Sleeper®, review our guide on seeking insurance coverage for The Safety Sleeper® or learn how you can crowdfund your safety bed with the MobilityFunder.

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