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What to Expect From An ATP Assessment

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When you’re searching for a safety bed covered by insurance or a similar piece of medical equipment, one of the most important steps is connecting with a local durable medical equipment (DME) supplier. As part of their standard process, your DME supplier will send an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) to your home to evaluate the medical needs of your loved one to help determine the best medical devices necessary for a better life.

With that in mind, you should know what to expect from this ATP assessment for the best results possible, especially if your goal is to find a special needs bed covered by insurance!

What Is An ATP?

First, let’s dig into what an ATP is. An ATP is an assistive technology professional—someone who is certified in understanding and recommending assistive technologies that can improve everyday life, including wheelchairs, respirators, and even safety beds.

Although they are not medical doctors, they assist in medical or technological intervention by lending advice on a wide range of products, including those designed to improve sleeping, mobility, communication, and much more.

Becoming a certified ATP requires passing an exam, multiple hours of assistive technology training, and up to 6,000 hours of field training, depending on the type of degree the individual holds. In some cases, ATPs may even hold a Master’s degree in Rehab Science or Special Education—which can help them on the job even further! Research shows that involving ATPs in adopting new technologies leads to improved functional outcomes for patients

What to Expect During An ATP Assessment

If you have a child or loved one with special needs and are interested in durable medical equipment, an ATP can visit your home to assess the individual’s specific requirements. The ATP will determine the physical and mental capabilities of your loved one, then use that information to help determine the most suitable equipment for the desired results and outcomes.

During the assessment, the ATP may:

  • Interview you to discuss your loved one’s needs and capabilities
  • Interview you to discuss your goals for your loved one
  • Interview your loved one to discuss their needs, physical abilities, and mental cognition
  • Interview your loved one to discuss their goals for themselves
  • Assess environmental factors within your home that may impact the success of the durable medical equipment

For example, if your child is likely to roll out of bed at night, the ATP may recommend a safety bed with walls or rails on the side. And if your child is likely to climb over those walls or become entrapped within the rails, the ATP may recommend a fully enclosed bed like The Safety Sleeper® to keep your child safe throughout the night. 

What to Expect After An ATP Assessment

The ATP’s recommendations and the wants and needs of the family help everyone arrive at the ideal solution.

For example, if a family desires a product they have no medical need for, the ATP can help recommend a similar product that will likely be covered by insurance.

From there, you can determine how much you’ll pay out of pocket, if anything, and how much your insurance company can assist you. Read our article on the insurance process to learn more!

Once the DME delivers the durable medical equipment to your home, the ATP can visit again to help you better understand the product so you can use it to its full potential.

In the case of adopting a fully enclosed safety bed, the ATP can assist in setting up the bed and understanding its nuances. They can even assist with The Safety Sleeper®, though our customer service team is always available to lend support.

Book Your ATP Assessment

To schedule an ATP assessment, reach out to us. We can connect you with a local DME to kick off the insurance process.

As part of this process, your DME can send an ATP to your home to lead the assessment and begin identifying the right product. 

Learn More About The Safety Sleeper®

The Safety Sleeper® offers a variety of fully enclosed safety bed models, all of which are intended to meet each child’s unique medical requirements while supporting better sleep and overall health.

Contact us to learn more! We can help you learn more about The Safety Sleeper before scheduling an assessment with a certified ATP.

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