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Welcome to our monthly e-newsletter, “While You Were Sleeping.” We hope this becomes an email that you look forward to seeing in your inbox and that we are providing valuable resources to you.

From our newsletter, you can expect to learn helpful tips and information about The Safety Sleeper®, including behind-the-scenes peeks into our company, Abram’s Nation, especially the factory and the people who make the real magic happen. We also intend to introduce you to some of our fantastic partners who are doing advocacy, research, and educational work in fields affecting many families who need our products. We’ll highlight them, their excellent work, and we’ll be keeping an eye on developments and advancements that we are sure you will want to know.

As you can tell, there are many new and exciting developments happening at Abram’s Nation. The work that we undertake is possible because of the fantastic relationships we’ve developed with so many of you.

We are thrilled to find new ways to connect and learn more about your expectations and desires for The Safety Sleeper®.

Until next month - sweet dreams,
Rose Niehaus Morris, Founder & President, Abram’s Nation

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