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Welcoming Back a Friendly Face - Meet Our Warehouse Manager, Zac!

Welcoming Back a Friendly Face - Meet Our Warehouse Manager, Zac!

Abram's Nation is proud to welcome back an old, familiar face! Now introducing Zac Bartlett, our new (and previous) Warehouse Manager.

"Like most of the people here, my title covers just one section of the sections under my watch. In addition to the warehouse, I also cover inspections and shipping, purchasing, R&D and regulatory compliance. Outside of work I am currently in the middle of a renovation on a new house purchase. When that is finished and not taking all of my free time, I will be getting back to my hobbies of mountain biking and golfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

When I first worked for the company we were "Abram's Bed" and not yet scaled up to Abram's Nation.

We were actually working in the garage and basement of Rose's house. The company was great to work for because there was always an authenticity behind the mission. Rose was passionate about helping families with situations similar to what she was going through, and that passion definitely carried throughout the team. The production process back then was very similar to our current style, just with less technology and machinery to help. Back then, there was no "warehouse". We tried to ship every order the day it was finished so we could have room to start on the next one. The team was pretty small then, just a few people in manufacturing, a few in sales / office management and Rose. 


One of the first Safety Sleepers was made in Rose's basement. Here is a picture of that first bed.
Photo of one of the first Safety Sleepers made in Rose's home

The biggest difference at Abram's Nation from last time is simply the scale of the operation.

The "new" facility is fantastic, the crew in both production as well as sales / marketing has grown substantially and there have been several new products developed in that time as well.

What is very noticeable as well is what didn't change from last time. Even with all of the growth that the company has had in the last 6+ years, they never lost the passion for their mission. From the top down you can still tell that each person truly cares about the mission of creating these specialty products designed to help people.

My favorite part of my job has remained constant as well: the people. It's hard to have a bad day at work when you are surrounded with people that are all great in their own ways and passionate about the work they are doing. I hope to be able to match that energy and be a great new/old teammate." 

3 Men working in the Abram's Nation production warehouse

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