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The Dream Keepers - Interview with Sharol Avento Signorelli

The Dream Keepers - Interview with Sharol Avento Signorelli

Interview with Sharol Avento Signorelli

At Abram’s Nation, we always say that the families are indeed the heart of this company. Every month, we will bring you stories about our families and how The Safety Sleeper® has improved their lives.

Our first featured family member is Sharol Avento Signorelli. Sharol was among the first families that invested in purchasing The Safety Sleeper®. Sharol and Rose Morris (founder of Abram’s Nation) share very similar passions for improving lives for not only their own families but for others who may be experiencing similar experiences. They both felt a love for this work of helping families with members who have special needs, and they’ve both acted as advocates for this community.

What has The Safety Sleeper® meant to your son and the rest of your family?

It has meant sleep! He sleeps because he is comfortable and cozy. My family and I sleep because he is safe. There is not a day – not a day – when I wake up and don’t feel grateful to Rose and The Safety Sleeper®.

How did you first become acquainted with Abram’s Nation and The Safety Sleeper®?

When my son was outgrowing his crib 12 years ago, I began an exhaustive internet search looking for a big boy bed. He needed some of the safety and security features of a crib and the space and comfort of a mattress. I remember the moment I found The Safety Sleeper® and read Rose’s story. I called the company and spoke to Rose, and I knew then that I had found the solution that my son needed. We started with a twin-sized The Safety Sleeper® for home use, then bought one for travel, then transitioned into our third The Safety Sleeper® when he needed the space of a full-size bed. Abram’s Nation is an incredibly accommodating company, and it continues to develop new sizes and accessories that mean something to us. I have no doubt my son will sleep in The Safety Sleeper® for the rest of his life.

What was the differentiating factor that made you chose The Safety Sleeper® over another product?

Several factors helped me choose The Safety Sleeper®. I appreciate how easy it is to set up and how well it fits in my son’s room décor. It does not look like a hospital bed! I appreciate that I can wash it in my washing machine and that it doesn’t shrink or shred over time. I appreciate the affordability of the bed and the loaner program, which we’ve had to use because my son is hard on the bed’s zippers. The customer service is honest and reliable, and I have always felt that everyone at the company cares about my son and our family’s needs.

Tell us more about your involvement with Abram’s Nation.

Having worked with the company for the past 12 years, I have enjoyed sharing many conversations with different folks at the company. They are good listeners and have expanded the product line and features to match some of our changing needs. I started a company two years ago that helps people with disabilities and their families get out and have more fun, and I asked Rose to be a member of our Advisory Board. I am thrilled to work with her this way because we have a shared passion for making the world a better place for special needs families.

What else would you like to share about your experience with Abram’s Nation and The Safety Sleeper®?

Abram’s Nation is a great American manufacturing story. Rose is a great American entrepreneur, and I am excited to see what happens next.

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