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The Dream Keepers - Michelle Sanner

The Dream Keepers - Michelle Sanner
At Abram’s Nation, we always say that the families are indeed the heart of this company. Every month, we will bring you stories about our families and how The Safety Sleeper® has improved their lives.

January's featured family member is Michelle Sanner. Her son Noah has Angelman Syndrome, Epilepsy, Autism, and several other diagnoses. We watched as Michelle and Noah tracked their Safety Sleeper delivery via Facebook. It was thrilling to follow their excitement! Read more about Michelle, Noah, and their journey to The Safety Sleeper below. 

How did you first hear about The Safety Sleeper? What was your journey to the bed? How long did it take you to get your bed? 

We first heard about the safety sleeper back before Noah was mobile. His occupational therapist suggested we look into the bed when it was time to transition Noah from a crib. The journey was pretty seamless. We had our appointment with Children's Hospital Rehab at Pine Center and NuMotion as our DME company and everything was submitted. Our hiccup came with trying to have insurances cover it which can be a hurdle for some - some insurances cover it, some don't - after the 2nd level appeal denial, we had to switch gears a little. An amazing advocate from Achieva, Melissa, reached out to me and told us about the Achieva Family Trust. She helped us submit the paperwork and with in a couple days everything was approved and our bed was ordered. It didn't take long at all. The order was placed in late November, and the amazing team at Abram's Nation had Noah's bed at our door step right before Christmas!

Noah on top of his Safety Sleeper box after it was delivered to his house

We loved watching your family track the delivery of your new bed! What has The Safety Sleeper meant to your son and the rest of your family?

Noah has Angelman Syndrome, Epilepsy, and Autism, as well as several other diagnoses. Angelman Syndrome affects the sleep patterns, some can go days without sleep, which can get exhausting! In addition to this, Noah has amazed us by also taking his first unassisted steps earlier in 2020 and he's kept us all on our toes since. He also has severe PICA - as well as he doesn't understand danger, so as he has become more independently mobile, the concern of dangers increased. He's become some what of an escape artist and prior to his Safety Sleeper, it was quite worrisome - this meant every movement, noise, etc., I was up making sure he was safe and in bed. The safety sleeper has been a game changer for us. Now, he is safe and comfortable!!! I don't want to jinx it, but he is actually sleeping really well, too. And I have to say, the full nights of sleep are amazing!

Noah on top of his Safety Sleeper hard shell suitcase

How was the first night of using The Safety Sleeper? What changes did you notice in your home?

The first night, he was nervous - he gets anxious with changes, but big brother came to the rescue and laid with him in the bed until he fell asleep. Nicholas, my oldest, now wants one for his bed!  After the first night jitters, it's been smooth sailing. The mornings are the best, he waits ever so patiently for me to unzip and he jumps down and heads straight to the fridge for his drink. The stress level has gone down immensely: the worries of safety and sleep are gone!

This month we're celebrating untraditional traditions. Does your family have any traditions or routines that are driven by your child with special needs? 

There really aren't traditions, however, Noah has taught us to really embrace and celebrate the little things. Our journey has been filled with quite a few trials but also triumphs. And we are reminded to embrace it all.

The Safety Sleeper by Abram's Nation

Do you have any advice for parents just beginning their journey towards The Safety Sleeper? 

Well first, you are making the right decision. Second, insurance may not cover it, but don't let that discourage you, there are options - make sure to have a Plan B and Plan C in mind just in case. The process was very smooth. And it's like Christmas time when the box is delivered!

Any last comments you'd like to share?

It really is everything we have hoped for and then some. Noah is so rough and tough with everything. I've joked that V-tech and Fisher Price should appoint Noah as their quality tester - if it can survive a day with him, then it is sturdy! The bed has withstood alot of kicking and pushing on the sides from him and it looks exactly like it did the day it was unboxed, which is very impressive!! It is holding up perfectly with Noah!

The Safety Sleeper has been such a life safer for us!! We are so grateful to have it!

The Safety Sleeper, a fully enclosed bed for children with adults and special needs, with children's bedding.

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