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Partnering With Tadpole Adaptive Keeps Kids Safe At Night

Partnering With Tadpole Adaptive Keeps Kids Safe At Night

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Tadpole Adaptive, an online store and crowdsourcing platform dedicated to helping individuals with cognitive or mobility challenges live happier, healthier lives. With their MobilityFunder crowdsourcing platform, Tadpole Adaptive is increasing access to life-changing tools and resources, including our FDA-registered enclosed safety beds for special needs children. 

We’re excited to work alongside our parent company, Abram’s Nation, and Tadpole Adaptive so that more families can afford such effective sleep tools and accessories through the loving support of the community. Together, we’re helping others live the MobilityFunder tagline: “Thrive from your hive.” With MobilityFunder, users can tap directly into their loving family, friends, and community members for financial support.

What We Love About Tadpole Adaptive And Its MobilityFunder

Tadpole Adaptive’s MobilityFunder isn’t like your typical crowdfunding platform. Unlike competitor platforms like GoFundMe, which often take 2.9% of all donations for internal administrative support and salaries, MobilityFunder doesn’t charge service fees or platform fees. Instead, every dollar donated can go directly toward purchasing an important piece of equipment for a better life through Tadpole Adaptive.

MobilityFunder doesn’t discriminate. The platform was built to assist regardless of someone’s financial situation or limitations. Tadpole Adaptive is ready to support those who are hindered by lack of insurance, insurance policies that refuse to cover necessary equipment, and other financial hurdles.

Like Abram’s Nation, Tadpole Adaptive was founded by people who are passionate about serving others with disabilities. By offering our enclosed safety beds through Tadpole Adaptive and the MobilityFunder, The Safety Sleeper® can help special needs kids get better sleep at night, a benefit that has a wide-reaching impact.

When special needs kids sleep better, parents don’t need to worry about their children waking, fussing, or wandering in the middle of the night, potentially injuring themselves in the process. With the Safety Sleeper, parents and their kids sleep better!

Ultimately, our new partnership is a win-win-win-win.

Through the MobilityFunder, The Safety Sleeper® is accessible to more homes, ready to transform the lives of children and parents alike with a good night of sleep.

Purchasing A Safety Sleeper With Tadpole Adaptive and MobilityFunder

If you’re interested in learning more about The Safety Sleeper®, view our Safety Sleeper options or our variety of Safety Sleeper accessories. Of course, you can also view our Safety Sleeper options through Tadpole Adaptive. If you’d like to explore crowdfunding for your next purchase, visit the MobilityFunder

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