The Safety Sleeper

The Safety Sleeper Special Needs Bed - Twin Size - Certified Refurbished - LN18R

Price with selected options:
Price: $1,895.65

Certified Refurbished: The Safety Sleeper® has been refurbished, inspected and certified by Abram's Nation, LLC. to be in working order. Zippers have been replaced, any holes have been patched, and may not be in original retail packaging, but will be repackaged with original accessories, with warranty backed by the manufacturer. Manufacturer certified refurbished.

Price: 1895.65

Size: Twin 39x75

Color: blue

Model: N/A

Version PA9

Includes: Battery powered air mattress, 1 Coverlet, Left and right side door entry, access points

Condition: Fabric used.


Product Benefits:

* Comes with an air mattress with an external battery operated pump
* Portable for travel so users can feel at home in any location
* Has a variety of safety features so the family can rest easy
* Built from durable materials and enhanced joints to stand up against heavy use and play
* Fully enclosed to provide security and prevent unattended wandering

The Safety Sleeper® is a medical bed designed with love and care for children and adults with special needs who can benefit from a secure sleeping space. The medical bed's safety features prevent users from wandering at night and the built-in padding reduces the risk of injury from uncontrolled movement or self-harming behavior like headbanging.

Built with high quality, durable materials and made to be easily portable in a suitcase. Machine washable.

Ships in 2 weeks. No returns!