The Safety Sleeper

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The Safety Sleeper Medical Canopy Bed - Full Size - Factory Seconds - LN25S

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Price: $5,890.29 $3,192.88

Factory Seconds: The Safety Sleeper® is a new bed with minor cosmetic blemishes or irregularities which do not affect the durability, and has been inspected and certified.

Price: 3192.88
Size: Full 54x75
Color: Sail Blue
Model: 300
Version: B15
Includes: 2 Coverlet Sheets, Frame Pads, Stabilizing Straps, Battery operated air mattress, End of bed entry, Access points, Vinyl Roof Panel (LN25S)
Serial Number: SS1520060268

Product Benefits:

* Comes with an air mattress with an external battery operated pump
* Portable for travel so users can feel at home in any location
* Has a variety of safety features so the family can rest easy
* Built from durable materials and enhanced joints to stand up against heavy use and play
* Fully enclosed to provide security and prevent unattended wandering

The Safety Sleeper® is a medical bed designed with love and care for children and adults with special needs who can benefit from a secure sleeping space. The medical bed's safety features prevent users from wandering at night and the built-in padding reduces the risk of injury from uncontrolled movement or self-harming behavior like headbanging.

Built with high quality, durable materials and made to be easily portable in a suitcase. Machine washable.

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